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Wisconsin State Herbarium

Department of Botany


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Specimen Collections
WI Vascular Plants:
Other Vascular Plants:
Lichens: >167,000
MicroFungi: >91,000
Bryophytes: >47,000
Algae: >3,000

TOTAL: >1.37 Million

Virtual Flora of WI



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  • US Potato Genebank Vouchers Transferred to WIS

  • Smart Phone Plant ID App Being Developed for Wisconsin Flora

  • Federal ‘Museums for America’ Grant Awarded to WIS

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  • WIS Hopes to Make the Most of Rediscovered Moss Specimens

  • ‘Common Lichens of Wisconsin’ Color Booklet Published

  • In Memory of Dr. Hugh H. Iltis, 1925-2016

  • Friends of the UW-Madison Libraries Generously Support WIS

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  • UW-Platteville transfers its herbarium of >7000 sheets to WIS

  • Three-year NSF Grant Targets WIS’ Worldclass Collection of Parasitic Fungi

  • Historical 1864 Civil War Specimen Discovered at WIS

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  • WIS Leads New $2.5M NSF Great Lakes Invasives Network

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